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Tower Isle’s Patties are available in these areas. Check your local grocery stores and food distributors.

Try Tower Isle’s Jamaican Style Patties. At Tower Isle’s we’ve always believed it was a matter of time before everyone discovered the amazing Caribbean flavor that we’ve known--Tower Isle’s frozen golden pastry turnovers with delicious beef filling are a simple indulgence and a tasty treat.


Using our authentic Jamaican recipe, we freeze the West Indian spices and other flavor-filled ingredients found only in our specially prepared Caribbean patties. You will experience the distinctive taste of Jamaican flavor that have made them a traditional island favorite. For a big taste in a small bite, try our cocktail size party patties–­­­­–the hors d’oeuvre with a Caribbean zing!


For a big taste in a small bite, try our cocktail size party patties – the hors d’oeuvre with a Caribbean zing!


Available in mild or peppery hot. Try Original Size or New Cocktail Size.
Tower Isle’s Jamaican Style Patties bring the flavor of the Caribbean to America.
Get Tower Isle’s Jamaican Style Patties at your local supermarkets and foodservice locations. Tower Isle’s--we’re hot!


Write or call for more information.

Tower Isle’s Frozen Foods, Ltd.,

P.O. Box 625

2025 Atlantic Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11233

Tel. 718 495 2626

Toll Free 1 800 227 1006


The most sought after Jamaican cuisine
is now available in 9 large chicken patties!

Nutrition Facts

Tower Isle’s enjoys making great tasting food with only the best beef and chicken stock and the freshest, authentic spices and ingredients.

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Tower Isle’s patties are great for an afternoon snack or for a casual dinner. Tower Isle’s makes a perfect meal anytime. Check out our selection of chicken, beef, and cocktail patties. Try our Potato Balls and Coco bread too, which makes a wonderful wrap or side dish. Get your Tower Isle’s patties today. Available in serving sizes of 3, 8, 9 or a party.


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